1.  George Window  (2017)   glass and gallery wall, dimensions variable
 1.  Zygote  (2012) plywood, paint, found domestic-ware, polystyrene, grout, string, bolts, motor, pulleys, 2000 (w) x 1500 (h) x 700 (d) mm   ''Kinetic installation Zygote is a hoax fertility statue, playing with several contemporary concepts of femininity and fertility, especially concerning teenage mothers in New Zealand. . . It's 1970's aesthetic draws inspiration from a time period when domesticity defined many womens lives, yet it also marked the beginning of major changes in gender relationships and the sexual division of labour. These themes are recurring in Chalmers' work and often provide new ways of representing the maternal body in installation, painting and drawing.''  Suzanne Claessen, catalogue text.